About us

Fortgate Global Investments is a global provider of financial services and investment resources that helps to clear and helps individual investors and private and public institutions, to reach their financial objectives. Fortgate consists of a private group run by world-renowned experts in the field of investments in oil, real estate and finance.

with headquarters in Nicosia Cyprus, New York USA, London UK and Tel Aviv Israel, where in addition to group regional offices in major cities in the world. Fortgate known mutual fund Company that has adapted to the markets Stormy weather to meet the changing needs of its customers. Today, on the company’s investment products and financial services embedded powerful in more than 300 mutual funds.

The group also offers international real estate brokerage business, retirement services, estate planning, wealth management, securities and much more.

One of the rules that guide us over the years is our commitment to continuous improvement. We work with advanced technology and some of our innovations have become standards in the investment markets. What contributes to that is the fact that we spend much of our revenue every year back into technology to deliver new products and services to investors.